Brakes brake fade and brake/clutch levers

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by craig7, Jan 25, 2015.

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    so far on my bike i've noticed my braking power really isnt that great. one problem i've had is that the vibration loosens the adjusters on my brake lines. i put 2 of the special nuts on it before my last ride it kept the front brake cable tight enough im sure but by the end of the ride it wasn't stopping great and i had a little bit of a close call.
    not sure if i just am chewing through pads like mad or what. i have all the pads i could need, not the best but i can wear them all down to nothing and swap them out whenever. i want to switch to disk brakes in the front but when i get the money together i will.


    my second problem is i cant use my rear brakes. i've got my clutch and rear brake on the left and front brake on the right. i dont have the thing on my clutch lever to hold in the clutch so i really cant hold the clutch all the way in and apply any amount of real force to the brake lever too. any ideas? i've seen the dual pull brake levers but i'm not sure how well it would work, i'm concerned about the distribution of the brake force and not really being able to control it worries me, even though i cant use my rear brakes right now. i'm also thinking about maybe a new clutch lever but i want a decent one that will lock in place like the one from the kit, any suggestions?

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    You gotta have front AND rear brakes with any setup. On a bicycle, the front brake does most of the work(around 70%), but it cannot do it all. This probably explains your close call.

    I have front brake and clutch on the left side. I generally operate the clutch with the 3rd finger and pinkie and the front brake with the index and middle finger. I have no problem. Experiment with offset and, hopefully, find a setup that you can operate. If not, your option is dual brake lever or, heaven forbid, coaster brakes on the back.

    Anyway it goes, you gotta fix this.

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    well it looks odd but it works ok. the back brakes dont grip that well but thats probably ok during the winter but they really do help a lot. now that i can use them

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    Alos curious about the distribution on a dual brake lever set up. I want a clean look.