Brake lever throttle?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bikejock, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. bikejock

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    I'm thinking if getting a bicycle brake lever and using it as a throttle control. Could this be done? I don't have much experience with brake levers & brake cables because I usually have a shop do that kind of work. brake cables from what I understand have different tension requirements than throttle cables.

    Would it still be possible? I've seen lever throttles on gopeds & staton friction kits and thy don't seem that much different. A few benefits I'm looking to gain from this is; I would be able to use both original grips or any custom bicycle grips I want, easier install & no hole drilled into the handle bars required, no need to remove or move right side shifter & no cheap plastic as most good brake levers are made from decent metal.

  2. butterbean

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    I have seen this done, so yes it is possible. And I do get the easier installation and no drilling holes. But you seem to have a new idea or question about once a week. I'm not putting you down or anything, I just want to say that my personal advice to you is if your bike is running well and everything is properly adjusted and working safely and reliably, maybe just ride it for awhile before thinking about changing all this stuff? Especially if this is your first bike. I just always think the best thing for a newb is to ride for awhile and concentrate on getting to know how your bike works and keeping it running safely and reliably before customizing. Fwiw, you can use any grip you want on your twist throttle. I have a pair of Saturn bmx grips, and what I did was mix a little dish soap and water and rub it on the throttle tube and pushed the bmx gripvonto the throttle tube. It works, and it doesn't interfere with throttle operation at all. The throttle twists open easily, and returns to close immediately when released. And if you get a throttle housing that is metal, it will attach to the handlebars without drilling. I have this type, I don't have a link because I found it in a pile of parts I was given, no name on it. But you can find metal throttle housings on eBay usually.
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    been done plenty
  4. Mountainman

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    Should work perfect

    Those cables don't know what they do
    they just do it

    Brake cables are tough

  5. Purple Haze

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    Sounds like it would be a juggling act with all the levers, especially if you have individual brake levers. I use the dual pull brake lever for this very reason, don't see any reason to add more. Butterbean is right about upgrading the twist throttle, they have a great one from SBP which is aluminum with a roller bearing and pulley and comes with a good cable and rubber seal.
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    One idea I was thinking of is getting some bull bars for each end of the handle bars & putting the throttle lever on the right bull bar. This way I'm not having a brake lever & throttle lever on the same location making it somewhat easier to go between throttle and brake. The bike I'm using has both front and rear brakes there for two brake handles. Having the throttle lever on the right bull bar would be better in this case.
  7. KCvale

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    I will assume this is a 2-stroke with a stock carb.

    Unlike brake cables, a throttle has a barrel at each end, the small end goes in the throttle barrel.

    As long as use a throttle cable you can use whatever you want to pull it on the handlebar side.
    ATV's use a thumb throttle that is easy to use.


    As far as I am concerned no MB should should have more than one twist pull and one lever pull control on each side.
    2 different things 1 hand can do easily.

    With a clutch lever mandatory that only leaves one lever for brakes which of course you need as absolutely no MB is safe with just a coaster brake.
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    It's actually for a 4 stroke friction drive mountain bike build I'm planning out. The engine has an NT 2 stroke carburetor though. Might end up changing it out for a pump carburetor to make fuel tank mounting easy.