Brake Light Switch Attempt!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Stoltzee, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Stoltzee

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    So it begins! Will the range of motion be adequate?
    May experiment with it further down the frame with a longer tab, which would increase the range of motion.

  2. HeadSmess

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    NC or NO switch?

    another method is a micro switch that you could mount off a thin plate with appropriate holes mounted to the caliper pivot bolt, etc..

    water and dirt is the issue. maybe a reed switch and magnet or a hall effect sensor is a better option?
  3. Stoltzee

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    It's a NC. I didn't consider the water and dirt. Maybe I can use a cable cover from a V brake, and cut it to fit over it. I haven't even wired it up yet.
  4. Bgard

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  5. Stoltzee

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    The bikes just a hobby, and does not warrant the cost of additional investing, and I enjoy the creative tinkering. I also have a low tolerance to exposed wiring.
  6. Bgard

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    K I thought I could make it a little easier. I have an ebike as well. I use it for short trips the grocery store.
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