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    I'm new to motorbiking and recently did a build just to ride in the neiborhood every now and the. It was cheap, with everything coming out to less than $200. The bike I used was a cheap roadmaster bought at walmart for $70. The problem I'm having is with the v brakes. The shoes don't last longer than a week and that's with short rides. (I know cheap bike means cheap brakes and you get what you pay for) so I'm wondering what the most durable, long lasting brake shoe is that will fit this bike? I was also consideing going to discs but after some reading, realized that I would have to change a LOT to make that happen. So I'm also wondering if there is a cheap way of converting to a disc. Just in the front and keeping the v brake in the rear. (I'm open to welding if necessary because the fork didn't come compatible).

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    a very good option for a front brake would be a sturmey-archer x-fd will fit most any fork without modification.
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    The kool stop salmon pads will last longer than almost any other pad. If you need cheaper than about any thing from a bicycle shop or mail order will last longer. You can thank the CPSC for the crappy brake pads they are the governing agency responsible for bicycle safety.
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    Lol ok. Thanks for the information. I ended up buying the kool stop salmons last night