Brakes Brakes on 27" frame with 26" Rear wheel


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Jan 31, 2008
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What are the various workarounds when using a smaller rear wheel than the frame is intended, so the brake pads/lever reach the rim ?

Standard 27" steel frame, 26" rear wheel with chain sprocket mounted on 26" MB wheel.

The pic. is the type of frame being used

Much appreciated.


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Old school side pulls on BMX bikes will work but side pulls are weak compared to center pulls. Any reason why you want to use a 26"rim? Can't you use a 27"?
i was just thinking (iknow i know bad idea lol) but obviously it would not be as strong, but at the mobile home sttore they have ths stip stuff with holes (like a metal version of those printer papers with the rip off sides) and since those have holes, if you mounded it right, what innd of strength would it have if i put it on my bike? (to make front brakes) the reason its sold at mobile home shops is cause they use it to hold screen doors shut when towing the trailers on the freeway. ill try to find a vacant house with it, they use it to keep vacant houses doors catching the wind constantly. just wondering.
Large Filipino
I am using the the 26" wheel from the bike I could not fit an engine to because it has limitations frame wise ( see the first link with the URL of the bike) and using a 27" frame I had stashed but no back wheel, only the front wheel.
I think it will look cool with a large wheel in the front and a smaller wheel at the back and dragster type handle bars, ought to make look like a chopper effect when it's finished.


??? no comprehendo ya reply !
it was sorta a reply, i was brainstormin, if u used a metal band around the back fork and mounded a center brake, that might work, i was asking about the durability.., cause i have a simmalar issue, my back brakes are just not powerful enough.

The bike hanger was "featured" on my other thread. It's actually a spine stretcher. I used to hang upside down from the ankles, and the tilt would stretch the spine. Typical if one has the "mechanic's back" syndrome when the ciatic nerve gets pinched down the left leg.
It worked initially,worked fine for a while till it gave me more problems than it resolved.
So according to my doctor and physio, she siad not to use it anymore and it's best I use weights and swimming to re-align the spine when the nerve pinches.
Swimming and floating I find works best, and a little bit of "this and that" works to, depending where it hurts !

Anyway, when I started to build my first bike, the spine stretcher frame was able to support the bike frame and make it eye-level to work on or sitting on a chair while the bike is suspended.
I was able to spin the back wheel and start the engine while on the frame and look at the wheel spinning. Great to see if all is working right.
Yes, I must agree, it is a bit off-topic, but it works and most here I guess are mechanics, so I guess we can identify with back problems anyway.
i like those as toys more than medical equip lol, fun not 2 use the little belt thing :)
Whatever, the options are,
to find a workaround to have rear breaks, or it might be simpler to get a 27" wheel sorted and ditch the idea of a 26" wheel on a 27" frame.
Dare I say, it seems the latter, which means taking off the sprocket and rubbers on the 26" wheel and doing it all over again on a 27" wheel, but at least I'll have breaks !

Suggestions welcomed.
breaks are always good lol, i still think ill try my idea, and if i dont get killed, ill post it here :)