Brakes Brakes on 27" frame with 26" Rear wheel

I still no comprendo ya idea so it's back to square 1, but if you happen to make it back, alive, can you please post a pic.

Anyone else ?
What about where your brakes mount? Do you have a welder? Maybe bring that mount closer to your wheel?
Maybe there's a bolt on answer,but I'm lost as to what's trustable.
I think the consensus comes down to a weld job, the same as the bike the brakes,cables and handles are coming off from.
Has those thread things welded to the rear side down bars anyway.
Hey boltsmissing -

You need to measure the reach of the frame to the new 26" rear rim. You do this by mounting the rear rim with or without a tire, and then measure from the bolt hole where the brake attaches, then to the center of the rim where the brake pad touches. This number, in mm, tells you what brake reach you'll require. It will no doubt be 'long reach'. I'm guessing from the type of frame it is, that it does not have cantilever mounts for v-brakes/cantilievers. You can weld those on and those types of brakes are far better and more powerfull than any side pulls. IMO. You don't really need that strong of a rear brake as most of your braking is done by the front wheel. Have fun.
Could you not use those horseshoe like things that seem to come on the front forks of new style mountan bikes? I think they may be used to stop the forks from twisting.
My point is that you could mount it in the same way they do and you could drill a hole to mount the brakes . Just a thought.
The pic is just to give you an idea of the part I am talking about but this is not removable and the ones I speak of just unbolt.


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Thanks cooltoy,turkeyssr

Both are good options and make much better sense.
I'll look around for a new set of horse-shoe breaks with long reach, if not, then weld a cross piece as turkeyssr has described, is the direction this minor issue is going.

I was hoping perhaps some have made some sort of adaptor for the original horse-shoe without having to weld anything onto the frame and if this has worked OK before ?
I've been going nut trying to find picks of that part but it's hard to find front shots of bikes. If your going to weld, then of course that is the best way and will be very easy. I just thought you could get this part and use two clamps or two u-bolts to hold it in place, drill a centre hole for the brakes and your done.
As last time , this looks like what I'm talking about but this is just to give you and others a hint as to what in the world I am talking about. Thay used to just bolt on with one bolt on each fork.
After looking at the pic again,this seems to be bolted in place and could be used.


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