Brakes Brakes on 27" frame with 26" Rear wheel

That's it!!! I bet I spend two hours looking around for that, but that is what I knew was "out there". i hope that helps boltsmissing out although I have the feeling that by now he may have solved the problem.
Thanks fellas, I have "solved" it for now. I carry spare brakes rubbers for the front brake, it stops.
But due to the weight factor the front brakes wear out much much quicker. The back wheel on the bike is now temporary because I either change the sprocket to lesser teeth cos the motor revs too high for my liking, or use the same sprocket on a 27" wheel I have recently scored but needs some axle and spoke fixes first, and that will probably solve 2 things, the ratio and the brakes at the same time.
How things change though, cos I have laid up the other 26 MB, and to solve the problem from that angle, is lay off the 27" bike entirely, put the back wheel from the 27" on the other bike, and also put the 50cc engine on the MB to. Problem with that though is, there are 24 hours in day, I'll get there.
Lesson learnt, 27"frames-27"wheels ,-, 26"frames-26"wheels.
That perf strap your referring won't be anywhere stiff enough [ soft iron ] you want
a Hard Steel, 2 brackets one on each side would be stronger than one. I'd fab 2 tabs out of 1/8" thick steel, one in front, other in back drill to accomidate Caliper, and bridge.
An oversized nut could be used as a spacer. I'd consider stripping paint, and brazing
the whole shebang. I like the idea of gaining clearance using a 26" wheel.
When I dismantled an old bed frame, I found these stamped triangular pieces of 1/8 "
thick steel. The Idea of fastening a triangular bracket to brake stay would allow
the Caliper to reach the rim, and would be tough enough to not twist up like the steel strap would. You could always braze on a second brakestay if your committed to the 26" wheel. Which rules ? The Bike or the Wheel ? If you like the bike, get a 27" Wheel built up, if you are committed to the wheel [ Built Sprocket Hub ? ] buy a 26 " bike
to put it on, and build * that * bike. You could probably add a 27" fork to a 26"
frame, if you like the mismatch concept.