Brakes Brakes on cruisers



1. For those of you who have coaster brakes and old Schwinns, does the coaster brake mess up your spokes?

2. Also, i'm concerned about stopping ability. I love my Vee-brakes.

3. has anyone tried to mount vee brakes on an old cruiser frame?

4. I really want a cruiser for my next build, prefer a suspension fork on it. I've seen the aluminum Schwinns at Wal-mart and they look pretty decent, esp with a derailleur and vee-brakes. For me that would be the ticket, it's just the motor mount issue on the aluminum frame causes another set of concerns.
Coaster brake has been ok on mine and I dont ride it gently...

The only problem with it is that you cant see the condition of it and if it is going to let go it will likely do it when you need maximum braking power...

TBH I am probably going to replace the lonesome V brake on mine with a front drum brake, I had that on the other bike and it was brilliant and reliable.

Incidentally on ebay they are selling brake pads with built in LCDs activated when you hit the brakes - a good idea for a MB :)

Jemma xx