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    Hey everybody, I am starting a 4-stroke build and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions of what kind of drum brakes i should use... I'm putting a disc brake on the front and a drum brake on thw rear with a coaster brake a a back up. I I've never used a drum brake before. And i put is greatly appreciated. Thank you and keep on building

  2. butre

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    coaster brakes are drum brakes. You can't have both on the same wheel because they would occupy the same space. even if you could, the only difference between a coaster and a drum is that a coaster is activated by the pedals while other types of drums are usually cable actuated.
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    Thank you... that helps
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    I'm looking into a Strumey Archer X-FD front drum brake. They seem pretty good and not to expensive. The one I'm getting is roughly $70 and I'm going to have a bike shop install it for $20. I gotta get a front brake so that I have better stopping power and so I have a way to hook up a brake light I'm wiring together later.

    I don't really trust driving with just a coaster brake on a motorized bike so an extra brake is always a good add on. I think I don't need to worry about brakes much during the brake in period because I'll be keeping it under 25 during that time.

    I'm almost done with my 4 stroke build. Good luck with yours.
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    I have a Sturmey X-FDD and I found it not to have enough stopping power for me on a loaded bike in the summer.
    When drums get hot they can lose a lot of stopping power, increasing stopping distance. Tricky braking downhill.

    With a long lever, the 70MM front will probably work fine for you under 30MPH. Above the X-FD/FDD is the XL-FD/FDD (90MM).
    Perhaps the best bicycle front drum is the Worksman C6.

    If you want to use a rear drum, I would suggest nothing less than a Worksman C6R or Sturmey XL series (90MM).
    I have 2 Sturmey rear drum hubs, the X-RD3 and X-RD5, both 70MM. Neither have coaster-brake stopping power.

    Edit: In my case, on my bike I have 4 brakes. I use cable doublers to actuate a set of V-brakes on the wheels.
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    $20, that sure is something, last time I went to a bike shop with work I didn't feel like doing myself (also a hub installation) they wanted to charge $220. I've never walked out a store so fast in my life, and I haven't looked back since.
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    You can't have LBS without BS.