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    hey guys i have a bike i been riding for a little bit now, i keep running into braking problems.
    my bike is a happy times 2 stroke and it has a clutch handle on one side, and the throttle and back brake on the other. im burning through brake pads. how can i fix this/ add another brake? if i can get pics ill try to add them but for now i cant.

    what has other people done?

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    you don't have a front brake? you need one. In a car, 70% of the braking force is in the front wheels. Not only will you go throw pads with just a rear brake you also can't brake as much

    the picture shows my clutch (on top) and front brake. I can pull on the clutch with just my index finger AND brake or just brake or just clutch-I like it. and the HD locking clutch lever is the way to go. good luck and let us know. be safe.


    Edit: also, make sure the cable and housing are properly lubricated
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    thats exactly what i was thinkin of doing, one other question, my clutch is hard to pull in, no waycould it be done with one finger. how is yours so easy to pull?
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    your clutch arm is connected to the roller (terminology?) that pushes the pin in to disengage the clutch. on a new engine the arm is installed facing straight back and this creates a poor angle to pull on the cable at the point that the housing goes into. you need to reinstall the arm 2-3 splines inward so that when the clutch lever is pulled in, the clutch cable and the arm creates a right angle:

    in the picture, my clutch is disengaged-see the difference between the stock install and mine? also, the return spring needs to be shortened about an inch.
    if you don't have a Dremel already-you will soon. I think this is Large Filipino's mod. kudos.


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    ok awesome, im going to go and try this now ill post back to let you know.

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    it ended up helping.. made it easier to apply clutch.
    i havent added the new brake tho, i will be soon
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    On the second kit I installed I had a terrible time getting the clutch to work-it was really rough and very hard to pull. I didn't know about changing the angle of the clutch lever on the engine, though that might have helped a little. I ended up changing the clutch cable and housing out for a new brake cable and housing and it made a world of difference. So much smoother and very light. The cable that came it the kit had a white housing-my other kit came with a black housing cable and it worked great.

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    You guys should try this clutch mod. Its a charm.

    Also they sell a dual brake lever if you want to keep the brake arm on one side.