Brand New '08 Whizzer NE5 [SOLD]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by racer_46310, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. racer_46310

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    I have a BRAND NEW 2008 Whizzer NE5 Motorbike in Metallic Black for sale. I bought a lot of 5 of these last year when I learned Whizzer was going to change the NE5. It is COMPLETLY BRAND NEW! Easily capable of 45mph +! I uncrated it, assembled it, and adjusted carb, belts, etc to make sure everything was ok. Total of 16 miles on it to break it in. I have the orig shipping crate to put it back into if needed. Ready to ride. The first $1400 gets it. 219-405-6845. Located in DeMotte, Indiana, 46310 (60 miles SE of Chicago)

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  2. accobra392

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    I have been looking for a ne-5,however i dont have a truck,any chance of delivering to south side of chicago,Gene
  3. racer_46310

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    I could deliver... just cover gas $. Call if interested. 219-405-6845
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    Is it sold yet?

  5. racer_46310

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    NE5 is sold.... thanks for looking