Brand New 80cc won't run

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by kuch, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. kuch

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    Getting fuel and spark.

    Messed around with the choke and on/off fuel valve on the carb, got it running for about 10 seconds, then nothing.

    Too much fuel? float? I do have another carb, which is different model. Should I try it?

    Also been messing around with my kill switch wires. Have two of them, one wired to the white wire from the engine and the black grounded to the frame. Is this right?

  2. adrian101

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    Wires: Black to black, Blue to blue. from CDI to Engine.
    The wires coming from the throttle connect into either the black or blue left over holes from the engine. Doesn't matter which color wire goes where.
    White wire is a left over wire which is normally used for a 6 volt light. Its best to isolate the white wire from the rest via sticky taping it.

    when the choke is up it should start the bike, after it has started move the choke in the downwards position and the engine should stay on.

    Fix the cdi wiring and see if the engine starts and stays on. Let me know!

    Hope this helps.
  3. kuch

    kuch New Member

    I have the CDI hooked up right. Blue to Blue, Black to Black.

    What I researched online was how to hook up the kill switch wires. I have a yellow and a black wire coming from the kill switch. I was told to hook the yellow to the white wire coming from the engine, and the black wire mount to the frame of the bicycle. Not sure if this is right or not.

    What do you mean "the wires coming from the throttle connect into either the black or blue left over holes from the engine"... left over holes?

    Thanks for your reply! Hopefully get this baby running soon!

  4. Al.Fisherman

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    From engine (3)
    1. Blue... Voltage
    2. Black...Ground
    3. White...Cut or cap off

    From CDI (3)
    4. Blue..Connect to 1 on engine
    5. Black..Connect to 2 on engine
    6. Plug wire.. to the spark plug

    From kill switch (2) (don't pay any attention to the colors)
    7. One wire to 1 and 4
    8. One wire to 2 and 5

    This is another..
    This topic has been covered NO LESS then 100 times...SEARCH before asking.
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  5. kuch

    kuch New Member

    Tried that. Blue to blue, black to black, then spliced the kill switch in. capped the white. still nothing.
  6. SlugMan

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    Take your time, you will figure it out.
    If it ran once, it will fire up again.
    Check for air leaks, that's a big one.
    Loose spark plug etc.etc.
    The spark plug connection on the kit is cheep, make sure it's on correctly. The cap to your spark plug should be OFF. Then the spark plug boot will fit on correctly. This is not really spelled out in the instructions.
    Good Luck
  7. rustycase

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    From the OP it sounds like it got flooded out, originally, then started messing with the CDI wiring.

    Is the plug all wet?

    Clean it off, and check for spark...
    (NOT the best thing, but use some 220g sandpaper to clean off the plug gap once it's dry, then look for spark.)

    The plug boot adapter could be your problem... which led to a flooding problem from a crazy active choke, or too high a float level. Turn OFF the gas to start it... turn it on once it starts... That may give you an indication once you get the spark in good order.
    Good luck
  8. kuch

    kuch New Member

    I have a feeling it's getting too much gas. It's getting spark just fine.

    it's leaking gas out the carb when sitting and when pedaling. The float? I still havn't tried the other carb yet. I might do that.

    I've tried messing with the on/off fuel switches a lot, when pedaling. Still no luck. Tried turning them to barely open, to limit the fuel supply.

    I think I just need to put a hemi on it. :)
  9. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Turn fuel completely off. Spray a small (a second or two) amount of starting fluid or throttle body cleaner into the carb, with or without the air filter. If it's fuel...if this helps and starts, you have eliminated everything but fuel. I don't peddle...I do this to start my bike for the first start up in a day. Starts within 20 feet, in the grass.

    There might be a spot of trash in the needle and seat (not the needle with the clip on it) ...causing the fuel to flow (cant be closed off) and floods.
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  10. kuch

    kuch New Member

    I kind of wonder if I hooked up the needle right or not...this kit came with no instructions. Just my mechanic experience and patience. Which I'm running out of both. I'll mess around with it again tomorrow.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  11. Danny Torino

    Danny Torino Guest

    I see this post and thread are really old, but my experience getting mine to run for the first time, may help you and others. :)

    Keynotes: Painted Engines
    Re: Stock China NT speed Carb

    Re:Assuming you have spark and an uninterrupted gas flow:
    I have the NT speed Carb. Have a painted engine? I had to sand the block mating surface for the magneto to ground. Added an extra ground wire from magneto mounting screw to the a water bottle mount. The Spark plug gap was .015" and no greater on the stock china plug. I had the needle in the stock center groove. I over primed mine as you prob did. I snugged the bolts on the carb body to help the leak. I re-installed the throttle cable and ensured the pin inserted correctly. I checked by doing this with the air filter removed to see. That plastic sleeve valve on the throttle cable can go in the carb and rotate a couple ways but only one way is correct. Theres a pin/groove that must match up inside the carb's throttle housing. It should slide up and down inside SMOOTH and easy without rotating. The choke method didnt work for me at first, was prob still working the flood out.

    I remember it finally started up for the first time when I had the Choke lever in the Down position when I was pedaling with the clutch out I gave it the gas about an 1/8 turn and then it fired up. From there I adjusted my throttle cable tension and raised up the idle. Thats what I ultimately did to get my brand new 66cc china engine to run.

    Its a beast now with some tricks I did, but thats for another subject.