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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lucky13, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. lucky13

    lucky13 New Member

    Hello to all.

    My name is Dean. I live in Charleston S.C.
    Ive been riding a fixed gear bike for sometime now,
    but now i find myself with a commute of more than 40 miles 6 days a week.
    I love to ride but i need my energy for work.
    Those of you who work in a kitchen... you understand.

    So one night I'm being a bike dork...
    I'm You-Tubing some bike vids, and i randomly see a MB clip.
    Since i have driven my girl crazy spending hours on here searching for pictures,
    tutorials, videos, extra parts, performance parts, and the most nerve wrecking part, whom to buy from!!

    After many long hours of reviewing different companies i finally chose to use I have not received it...
    (which by the way, I'm not riding with a motor yet).
    The 66/80cc $129 motor kit that i cannot now remember the name of was on back-order.
    So i was told i was getting the "upgraded" $149 kit. I was told is it built better with quality parts. The kit I'm now being sent is named The Grubee. I'm not sure if my spelling is true.

    Can Anyone tell me how they feel about, or how their transaction was with BikeBerry? Also what you feel about The Grubee?

    In case anybody is wondering, I am not putting the kit on my fixed.
    Ive built one sweet, sweet cruiser to put it on. I will post pics soon.
    you may not like the bike, but I'm in love with it!

    One other thing folks, I am brand new to forums.
    I will not understand the politics/lingo at first, so be easy with me.
    I am as green as they come to both MB's and forums.

    Goodnight folks. It is now time for a restless night anticipating the arrival of my kit/new passion.

  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Hello Dean, welcome to MBc.
    The old first adage here is readreadread, tons of good info inside the archives. Take your time and you'll be fine. Ride safe.
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.
    Commuting by motor bike is much easier (if you keep it maintained). You don't need time to cool off, change clothes, etc.
    When the weather is cool, I'd rather pedal my road bike to work.
    I rode fixed gear for a few years and still have the wheelset. My knees stayed sore a lot so I compromised by putting only the rear derailleur back on. I miss the challenge of riding fixed.
  4. lucky13

    lucky13 New Member

    Thank you for the welcome Happy Valley.
    I have done so much research, and reading, but I imagine its a constant education with this. The best i have ever learned was through trial and error.
    I will try to take it slow... but humans and thier need for instant gratification...
  5. lucky13

    lucky13 New Member

    And also thank you wheelbender6.

    sore knees, sore backs.. worn-out ankles...

    I still cant get enough though.

    Ive been hit 3 times and ran completely over once.
    my body is constantly sore now. i just cant strain it like i used to.