brand new never run 80cc kingsmotorbike motor SOLD!

If you are talking about that "Christmas Ripoff" I moved and bumped up, it was addressing some new guy that was Billboarding down in the White Zone and how this area was really not for mass marketing, but one on one trading amongst honorable members.

We hope everybody treats everybody else fairly, but your attitude sounds most excellent Beast, and the point of the Golden Rule is it cuts both ways, it's a hobby and nobody is making a lot of money building these things, no use ripping somebody off and getting a bad reputation over a happy go lucky hobby....

ya no kidding eh.

i just forgot about all the stuff that goes along selling sumthing.and sold to someone who id never thought would buy it.i had my new hybrid at work and a guy was looking to save money on gas he told me hes spending 150.00 a week jeez!just commutting.i said i had a full kit for 175.00 and would install for 50.00 bucks but hed be adjusting for the first week he said hed install himself so its gone! hope he enjoys the 2 stroke!probably another member 2...............