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    Hi, total Newbie here!I ended up with a 1961 Schwinn Tornado (girl's version), which has what looks like a Stingray handlebar, has been through several non-original front wheels - the current one is 24" - and got spray painted 'dusty rose' at some point.Original rear wheel with coaster brake, equipped at this point with a nice, beefy IRC mountain bike tire, fits thanks to a generous bead, despite the fact that the rear wheel is the slightly smaller old English size.It currently also has a really low banana seat, which will end up in a yard sale, and be replaced with a better seat and MUCH longer seat post.I also plan on stripping it and re-painting it something like electric blue, which would be close to the original color.Having pedaled this bike before, I know how H E A V Y it is, this is a mountain city and going uphill on this thing is not a pleasure, even if you're used to biking, which I am.Downhills are scary until you get used to the coaster brake.....That's what gave me the idea to try to turn it into what the Germans call a Mofa - the fact that it's a girl's bike does make it look a little bit like the Puch Maxis - currently looking for engine options.I do want to keep it at 50cc's or below, so it still counts as a 'bicycle' as far as New Mexico law is concerned, most everything out there seems to be 66/80 cc's, so suggestions are welcome!Plenty of clearance all around, this is a very bare-bones model, the only potential problem I can see so far would be that the gas tank would have to sit at an angle or be braced somehow.Input greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum. One member made a fake top tube for mounting the tank on his step-thru bike.
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    There actually exists a product called a saris bike beam which adds a top bar to a step through frame. Bolts on and I believe it's adjustable as far as length.
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    You could mount your gas tank over the rear wheel. I've done it. And I didn't really care for the looks. But once I got used to it, it was okay.

    It's simple and it works well.
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    Update: Tornado-ette is stripped down, getting the stem out was a battle, even though there was no binder bolt. Felt like someone had actually epoxied or J.B. Welded the stem into the fork, definitely more than just rust, of which the bike has very little, thanks to the dry climate.
    The bottom bracket came apart very easily, and all the parts look practically new for a 54-year old bike, minus the caked-on dirt. Even the (BMX ?) chain's in good shape.
    She is dusty rose or Schwinn blue no mo', some final sanding still to be done until primer and metallic blue are applied.
    Tracked down an old cruiser front wheel at a local bike shop for $ 10, got some Bell whitewall cruiser tires at WallyWorld, wheels are looking good!
    Turns out the rear wheel wasn't 571 after all, the tires I was using were weird sizes. Duuuuhh.....
    I have a 578 MTB tire if someone needs one......
    I'm thinking this may not be the original rear wheel, the handlebars are prolly Stingray, maybe the rear wheel is, too.
    Ended up ordering a 48 cc motor from, looks good so far, but no instructions.
    I might be asking you guys some questions.....:grin5:
    Gas tank angle will not be a problem, the angle isn't too severe, and the pet cock is in the very back of the tank, so there will not be any flow interruption. Might have to tilt the bike a little to stem to fill it all the way to the top.
    Forward motor mount will need to be extended by about 1-2", due to the ladylike frame geometry.
    The fenders I have are not going to fit, they're too skinny for the wide cruiser tires, but I'm not so sure I want fenders anyway, they do tend to be a general pain in the rear.
    Maybe I'll put them on that Puch Pacifica I have and make it a 'Rivendell' style bike......
    I just got done watching my DVD of Monster Garage turning an RV into a skate ramp, and I'm psyched!