Brand new to motored bikes need help

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    Hello my name is Mike I am going to be moving down to costa Mesa in 3 weeks and want something to cruise down to the beach with my surfboard without having to drive my car. I just bought a nerve single speed beach cruiser to convert to gas powered bike. My first plan included some type of 2 stroke motor because they're so simple to work on. I then realized I wanted reliability and longevity. I was thinking of going with the HF 79cc predator 3hp with the Q Matic complete kit from Ideally I would like to cruise at 30 mph without having to ping the motor at max rpm. I have a reputation for blowing motors on my dirt bikes so I figured a bit larger motor at 50-75% output vs smaller motor at 70-90% output would be the smarter idea. Any feedback is much appreciated on motor, trans, and or kits. I have basically 3 weeks to build it and luckily I only work 3 days a week. Words of wisdom?

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    Welcome to the forum. Check your CA laws before ordering an engine. You don't want hassles with the police. We have a sub-forum on this site for discussion of state laws. A shift kit may help you up the hills without using a larger engine.
    When I lived in that area, it was hard to keep the wife from blowing the paychecks at Fashion Island.
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    Cali. FROWNS on the two stroke engines, thats one reason I reside in OR at the moment. As for engine size, most States put a cc regulation of 50cc or smaller and top speed allowed varies from 20-30 mph max. on flat ground. Depending on the State. Cali. is 30 mph last time I checked. Go with the larger engine and stay off the throttle. A quality built engine should last even being pushed to there limit.
    Are you using a bike mounted board rack or trailer? Either way you might need the extra HP to do what you need to do. Good luck on your build! And ride safe follow all the rules of the road. People that ride the sidewalk, run stop signs, and do not ride like it's a motorcycle, hurts all of us mb riders.
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    For the most part I am going to be staying off of major streets. People suck at driving especially down at the beach so the more traffic I can avoid the better. Hopefully using side streets will help in staying away from cops to an extent. I know it's probably not the smartest idea but i will remove all emblems saying 79cc or anything that suggests it's larger 49cc. Ideally I would like to stay away from a multiple gear transmission. Less moving parts less problems? The board rack I'll be using is going to be a seat post mounted board rack with a board anywhere from 5' to almost 6'. Hopefully it won't be too big of a issue. Any thoughts on motors trans combos or kits?