Brand new to the forums, planning on building first time.

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    22 years old, Male and heavier than the average chunk. I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Saw a couple guys flying around town on these things and thought it was pretty cool. From what i hear a good gas saver than a car. Anyways expect to see me alot on here and also ask alot of questions because i'm not the smartest guy. Well take care i've got some forum browsing to do.

  2. olow

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    good luck and u will see that this is alot of fun and knowledge
  3. V 35

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    Your ride is only as good as ... The Bike ... The Power Unit ... The Build

    A heavy rider would do well to consider the Worksman Bike, at $ 500
    it seems crazy expensive, when you consider, it comes with $ 300 wheels
    and a $ 200 frame. If you build a China Cruiser, your throwing half of it away, and riding a $ 50 frame . Stock Rag Joints, Cheesy chains, wimpy
    wheels just don't cut it. As for engine choice, that's up to you .

    As for build quality, that's the key point . Blue Loctite is a must. So are
    good tools, you don't need many, but you need good fitting sockets,
    and screwdrivers. Builds should be pleasant, not hurried.

    Look at all the pictures you can, try to learn ' something ' from each one.
    As for budget ? Figure on twice the price of the kit , Better Wheels, Hub / sprocket, better chain, better fasteners, better throttle / kill button all add up.