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    Hey all, im new here and i dont actualy own a motorized bike, or a bike for that matter lol.

    Im looking at buying a motorized bike new and assembled. Im wondering what the most reliable bikes i could get i australia? or what are the best bikes as i have no idea about anything lol.
    And also, the NSW law stats that a motorized bike must be 200watts (0.27 horsepower) or less. is that even possable lol?

    Cheers, Tron.

    Considering I can't reply 0.o I guess I'll edit.
    Yea I looked in vendors and what not but that didn't answer any of my questions, I seen lots of bikes that I can buy in aus but that wasn't what I was interested in, I wanted to no about reliability which I can't find anywhere.
    Hmm guess it's not as simple as cars.. Want some thing ridiculesly reliable, buy a Honda.
    Well this will be no help then, thx anyway ^ ^
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    Tron...Welcome to MBc. I would suggest that you go thru our List of Vendors in our 'Vendor's Forum.' See what you can find in your area of NSW, and contact one of them. Also, you could scroll thru our list of members in NSW, or Areas of Australia close by (as if anyone is 'close by in OZ, eh?) and send them a PM to see where they go for their bikes and/or engines. Be sure to read all of the stickies' at the top of each Forum as they contain valuable info and rules to follow. Good Luck to you.