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Almost everyone has their own different break-in "theory". What I do is run slightly richer jetting than normal, and run non-synthetic oil. I'll let the bike warm up then drive around varying throttle and allowing it to cool down if needed. I don't run full WOT at first but more like 3/4. Once it has some miles on it I start running short bursts of WOT, still varying rpm's. I avoid high load situations such as hills, ect until the engine is broken in. I figure after two gallons of fuel have run through it, it should be pretty well broken in. If every thing with your engine is good (correct jetting, premix ratio, no air leaks) it should go real smooth. Once its broken in, I correct the jetting, and switch over to synthetic oil. If you didn't break it in it won't be the end of the world, you just lose out on a bit of extra power and smoothness. Some people might not even notice, but with such a tiny engine any extra power helps. After you have some miles on your bike you can peep in the exhaust port and look for blow-by. Good sealing rings won't leave any discoloration on the piston below the rings.



does anybody have specs on a properly broken in motor and one thats just ridden anyway they want??? I want to see the difference so i can see if it really matters
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