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Jun 22, 2008
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OK guys, I'm the nube, or is that noob, what ever. I'm going to start my engine for the first time tomorrow and I need to know exactly how many ounces of oil do I add to a gallon to make it 20 to 1. The chart on the bottle of 2 stroke oil does not give that ratio. It goes from /16 to 1// to /32 to 1/ and so on.

My bike is a boygofast 66cc engine. The manual gives break in mixtures for 48cc and 80cc. So I'm assuming I need to break my engine in at 20 to 1 like the 80cc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark M:D
I put in 6 oz to every gallon. I think that gives me a bit more than 20 to 1 if that's not spot on.
To get the ratio divide 128 oz. (one gallon) by the amount of ounces you want to use. For example 128 divided by 6 equals 21.333 to 1 or 21:1 rounded. To find out how many ounces you need to get a certain ratio divide 128 by the ratio you desire. For example 20:1 - 128 divided by 20 equals 6.4. You will need to add 6.4 ounces of oil to one gallon of gas to achieve a 20:1 oil/gas mix.
Get the Tech 1 small bottle from Wal-Mart. Mix with 1 gallon of gas=16:1 That'll make 2 tanks, perfect for break-in. This oil works well in the china dolls and doesn't smoke much at that level. Then run half a bottle in 1 gallon=32:1 thereafter. Works for me and is cheap and easy to mix and give great results.
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