Break in.... or lack thereof

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    Hello again everyone,

    I'm very sorry if these specific circumstances were already addressed, I searched the forum and couldn't relate anything I found to my situation.

    I have assembled my bike without much hassle, here is the engine kit that I used for reference.

    I'll come right out and admit it, I did not follow the break-in instructions as well as I should have. I have run the bike for about an hour (Collectively, about 20mins at a time) and there were points where I was WOT for extended periods of time. Now, I have not experienced any notable mechanical malfunctions (except for my fuel mixture being slightly too rich).

    My question is: What should I do now after familiarizing myself with correct "Break-in" procedures? Should I keep following these rules and take it easy for the first two tanks? Or have I already done some kind of "Irreversible damage" to my kit?

    Thanks in advance. :)