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    Hay All
    I'm pretty dang dumb about this stuff, but I was wondering if You need a load on the engine for brake in ?
    My thoughts are to rig up a throtle cable to something like a bbq rotisare and let it cycle the throtle like I have read is good for engine on test stand of course or does engine need a load?

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Nah, the principal of varying the throttle, is two fold: most important you are trying to seat the ring on the piston, to get maximum compression within 100-200 miles, not get the piston/cylinder in a "rut".

    But at the same time, you are riding it and listening to the noises the bike makes, troubleshooting squeaks, creaks, kinks and worst of all, thumps.

    The first bike is always the hardest, to build and break in, because folks get hasty and start going wide open throttle way too early.

    Then, when the bike barely stays at 20 mph, they complain, while the guys that do it right say the engine keeps getting stronger, which is what you want.
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    Good oil, vary the throttle, don't push it, run it for 15 minutes or so and let it cool down.
    Motorcycle guys talk about 'heat cycles' being important for good break in.