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  1. SuperDave

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    Be careful out there...

    Man killed after crashing motorized bicycle, 85 yrs. old, no helmet ...


    UPDATE: The Florida Highway Patrol has identified the man killed in a traffic accident in Southport as 85-year-old Linwood Railey Shiflett.

    According to the release from the FHP, Shiflett was traveling on 4th Street in Southport east of 4th Circle on a gas-powered motorized bicycle. Shiflett lost control of the bicycle, overturned and struck the roadway. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Bay County EMS.

    Shiflett was not wearing a helmet at the time. The investigation is continuing.


    I'm no one to judge who should or should not be on one of these creations, just passing the news on as it relates to our hobby. Gotta hand it to the guy though, he died "in the pursuit of Happiness..." That's how I wanna go.

    (My wife said I could have a motorbike as long as I wear a helmet. She says, "I'd rather visit you in the hospital than have to identify you in the morgue." So I do wear one, not a bad idea either, especially considering this story. Just my two cents)
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  2. Big Red

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    I used to be a anti helmet rebel, till I got a little older and wiser. My head is well worth the money I spent on my helmet.
    And I can only hope I'm still riding at 85 years old.
    Big Red.
  3. cmb271

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    I stay within the law by wearing a helmet and even though I don't like it with the speeds I go I'm sure one day it'll save my life when I hit a corner to hard and kiss the concrete. I'm glad he lived a long life though
  4. YoungChaos

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    I bought a motorcycle helmet for once I get my MotoBike Running( Picked it up at a local pawn shop $40 boo yah!

    RIP ol' man. (
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    RIP old guy.
    It's takes 100% attention ride safely and I don't know any people over 75 that do that.

    It's your brain, protect it or don't, I like mine so I protect it.
  6. boyntonstu

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    My friend's son crashed his motorcycle while wearing an expensive first class helmet.

    Both the helmet and his head cracked open.

    Avoid crashing!

  7. SuperDave

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    Thanks for the recent replies & bumping this topic back to current posts. Personally, I am against helmut laws. I believe that helmuts should be a choice, not manditory. The way I see it, if you're not smart enough to wear a seat belt or a helmut when the situation requires it, or even recognize when it would be nessisary, then humanity is better off without your contribution to the gene pool. Stop passing laws to protect stupid people, let Darwin's law procecute them. The world is grossly overpopulated with stupid idiots.
  8. 2old2learn

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    The only flaw to that logic, is that they may not kill themselves but instead brain injure themselves and become another charity case at the possible cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars up front and then long term care, at our expense. Now if they had a helmet law that allowed an exclusion subject to a $2,000,000 trust account provided by the rider and held by the state, then I'd be more amenable to that.
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    There is a difference between Ignorant and Stupid.

    Laws help Ignorant people learn why safety is important.
    Stupid people know but choose to not protect themselves.
  10. Wolfshoes

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    While on the subject of crashes; there was a short article in a local paper last summer in Waukegan, Illinois about a rider hitting the back of a parked vehicle while riding a motorized bicycle. The rider was killed. There is (or was) a forum contributor from Waukegan. Regardless RIP
  11. 2old2learn

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    We have no guarantee of safety in this life we live, but we owe it to each other to be wisely cautious for we are not an island and the threads of our lives are intertwined with many others and while our brazenous might cause our premature demise we leave behind the living to suffer.
  12. troyg

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    Accidents happen, no amount of protection saves you from a terminal condition called "life".Bike helmets are proven to help only at speeds far lower than a bicyclist rides, not to mention MAB's.If you want to don bubblewrap have at it, quit pushing your fears,
    humans will always die, there's nothing wrong with death, stop giving it a bad name!
  13. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    when you experience an accident, do you look forward to dying or surviving?

    AFAIK All living things evolved to fear death.