Bremen Flyer Almost Done!





Well, here it is, a purely functional, made with what I had, no frills,motorized bike.

The Piaa light got dropped, and I haven't flamed it yet, 700 miles have been put on, just for testing purposes of course.

I actually wore out the kevlar reinforced tires that I originally put on the bike, had to replace them with what was available, 26x2.125, now it is really a smooth ride.

Gas mileage is about 100 mpg. I ride the bike to work every chance i get, but it seems to rain a lot.

Hope you like it.

Very nice ride.

That looks like the V8 of the motored bikes :D

How well does it go? Speed/pull etc.
I love how you did the bike chain to make a coaster rear brake with that foot pedal.
And that belt pulley on your rear that...a 26" rim?
But since it has no crank,it's essentially a motorcycle,no?
How ya keeping the cops away?
:D First All, Thanks! The speed was radar gunned at 46 downhill by my brother in law, (County Sheriff).

As far as the State goes, it is still a bicycle. They said they don't register bicycles.
I'll ride until I'm told to do something.

The seat is from a Honda Aero Scooter, along with the throttle and the left assembly.

The only thing I bought was the engine and clutch, belt, and now 2 new tires.

Everbody loves it, that sees it. Even a BMW rider wants to put it in the monthly newsletter.

Thanks again for looking!

:???: UH< I forgot to add that the new seat I bought broke, and due to the fact, along with being the highest taxed state in the USA, we have the worst roads around where I live. That seat is the most comfortable seat you can imagine!

The headlight is a 55 watt KC, the motor has a charger, I won't be driving at night much, way too dangerous.

Feel free to ask any questions, and Pianoman, still waiting for your email.

Wow! I am stealing that design of the foot-rests and brake thats AWESOME! Thanks for the ideas :)
:eek: bee-yoo-tee-fool! 8) 8)

ok, now i'm firmly convinced bike #2 will be built around one of my 4-strokes :)

so, centrifugal clutch straight to back wheel. more detail, please...i'll be watching your back wheel very closely over time, keep us posted also on how things hold up, please? i know the info will be put to good use.

*ditto* on the coaster-brake tweak...pure motoredbiking genious there 8)
Battery Box

:D Hi Again, by the way the battery box is a cd drive bay from a computer. The belt tensioner is from a roto-tiller. And the floorboard supports are a barn door hinge cut in two. I used anything I could, nothing was safe! There is even a sealed bearing that I used on the belt tensioner to hold the correct tension.

Drive Wheel

:) Yes the 26" wheel was used for the belt drive, I cut all the spokes out and welded it to the other one. Then later I cut up a tire and riveted it to the rear drive rim to make it bigger, that made it go faster on top end.