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  1. Brett Foster

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    Im Brett. Ive been around the custom/chopper bicycle thing for a few years now.
    Some of you may remember my site: dicebandits or my old bike gang the choppercabras.

    Ive been building and riding custom bikes and collecting way way way to many bicycles over the years. I recently let a motorised mtb, that I got cheap but could never get running sweet, for too cheap.

    I recently started working for my self and now live in Wellington City I have decided I need a cheap run-about.

    Id build a real bobber if I had the funds but I do have a million bikes and the motor kits are super cheap now so ive decided to build a bobber/chopper motor bicycle.

    check out my bikes and bike gang here if u want



    heres my two fave customs:
    the limo:

    the new chopper:

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  2. Anton

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    Nice, love the black chopper that's real cool.
  3. Brett Foster

    Brett Foster New Member

    thanks Anton. I think thats gonna be the basis of my motor bike. I may have to figure out a way of getting disk brakes on it though....I like being able to stop.! lol