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    Hey all,

    Just introducing myself. Brian from Saint Louis, Missouri.

    I am over 40 and been riding motorcycles since the age of 7. Always have had MC's. Also, an avid bicyclist, and used to race BMX way back when.

    I found this site thru a member of

    I used to work recently in a custom motorcycle shop (yes, choppers). Now, I am on my own.

    This site is just what I needed, since I am looking for a project that can fit in my basement and not cost me an arm and a leg, like choppers do. I'll be looking around, seeing what's up. My TIG and lathe are in need of a worthy project, since I am pretty much finished setting up my new '09 Kawasaki KLX250S for a cross-country trip.

    I currently have a nice 1937 LaSalle badged Schwinn I ride, and another Schwinn World Tourist awaiting restoration/customization. I have many old Schwinn bikes/parts to pick from for the motorized bike, so that project is close at hand.

    Anyhow, just thought I would say hi and I hope to find many ideas to get me going in the right direction...


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    welcome Brian

    sounds like you are going to have some fun
    motorized bicycles are a true blast

    just thinking that you may wish to shop around some and buy a long lasting quality motor

    good for long riding on that motor bike thing
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    Welcome to MBc.