Bridgestone Cold Start & Warm up.

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Blake, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Blake

    Blake New Member

    Here are my two videos. The second video is just a start up, but it's a lot colder and more snow.

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  2. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    I cant get it to play on my comp..
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  3. Blake

    Blake New Member

    You mean that your comp wont play Utube?, or did you download it?? if yo downloaded it, this is a mp4 type video and Arksoft media is needed to open and play it. My windows media, and movie maker can not play this either. But the media impresion software that comes with the camera will open and play it.
    I use Google Chrome to view all You Tube videos cause chrome has their own flash player system. Also if you mean that you cannot play this right off of this page , then come to this forum through Google Chrome ,and not your E-Mail browser. I hope this helps, and thak you for bringing this to my attention.