Briggs powered custom bike

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    Now, it isn't really custom...more of a gender bender. it was a Schwinn girls bike and now its an almost usable awesome motorized bike! Like I said, it was a standard girls bike, I cut out the top bar, used a piece of the top bar and stretched the bottom bar 7" (Approximately) and then made a nice curve top bar with a piece of scrap pipe (Beating it against the ground) and then making the motor mounts!

    The motor I'm using is a 3 Hp Briggs and Stratton engine I got a few months ago. It was seized, but I was able to bring it back from the dead and it works better than ever! :eek:

    The drive is going to be a belt-clutch off of the engine going to a torque converter on a jackshaft, then from a sprocket on the jackshaft to a second sprocket mounted on the wheel (Like in the kits). For the wheels I am getting a set with the heavy duty spokes.

    Girls bike before...

    This is how far it is now. About a month or so into the project.


    Take care everyone
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    UH OH! I think I need sleep, as I think I posted in the wrong area SORRY
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    I've seen your project over on Ratrodbikes.... I like the gender-bender stretch you have performed on this bike!!

    I, for one, would like to hear more about how you brought this seized Briggs 'back to life'.

    I'm not sure if this is the wrong area.... would you like this thread moved to...maybe, the Frame Mount Drive Train section?

    I want to see it come together.

    Thanks for posting.
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    For the engine, after I got it I pulled off the cylinder head and checked the cylinder walls and from what I could see there wasn't any scoring or damage. Sprayed around the cylinder with PB blaster and then filled it with 30wt non-detergent oil. Then Completely filled the engine with 30wt oil. I had the engine practically upside down and I COMPLETELY filled it with oil. Then let it sit for a few weeks.

    I put a vise-grips on the crankshaft and at the same time when pulling on the rope I hit the vise grips with a hammer. Broke it all loose. Drain out half of the oil and just kept spinning it until it was freed up.

    I checked internally and there was no damage or scoring. Got lucky on this engine.

    As for where the post should be, I was going to put it in the frame mount section. was too tired to notice what I was doing yesterday.

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    Call me a nut but I've been riding bikes since my folk use to add wood blocks to the pedals.
    That girls bike is really a boys bike and vise versa, since dropping on that bar a few times I have come to realize like everything else bikes are also twisted.
    good looking mod
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    Very nice. I like the way you extended the frame for pedal clearance. I should have waited on my latest project. I went the other way extending the rear triangle and placing the engine behind the seat post. Yours looks more.....factory. I like it.

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    That's one heck of an idea
    I never thought of using a woman's bike.
    Lot less fabrication.
    I'm "stealing" your idea
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    Whats the clutch setup?
  9. MarksA-C
    For your next frozen engine try Coke Cola the method most chosen by guy's restoring/resurrecting old farm tractors.
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