Bring Ding Ding D-D-Ding BBRRRAAAAPPPPP.... Hi!

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  1. Mr Whiskers?

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    Hey errrveryone!

    I'm new to the forum so Im just checkin in to say hello to everyone and tell you a lil about myself. Im from the sunny Okanagan in British Columbia, and my current project is my first stab at a motorized bike, but I have been into custom cars and vintage motorcycles as far back as I can remember. I used to work in an automotive customizing shop, so that really helped expand my knowledge and skill set, and as any other gearheads out there know, alot of these skills can definately help you out when building an MB.
    Im really into traditional hot rods (rat rods), and cafe racers, and...well..... pretty much anything with a motor. I am currently in the process of building my first motorized bike and although its runnin and I ride it daily, its not finished (are they ever tho?). I love trying to encorperate some old school hot rod touches into my build and as it progresses more of these touches will appear. Anyways glad to be a part of the MB crew and look forward to meeting you guys!


    (here's a quick pic of my bike, but check out the build info and more pics in the "Pictures" section)

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  2. retromike3

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    neat frame

    I was wondering were you got the frame for that bike or did you make it yourself?

  3. Mr Whiskers?

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    Hey mike,
    The frame is made by a company called "Sims" and it is commercially available (not a custom or one off bike or anything) but as far as I know it may only be sold in Canada. I have never seen another one built into a MB which is why I chose it. I just like the look of it and also it has a low seat tube as the top main tube dips quite low which is great for me cuz im not vey tall. Most cruisers were uncomfortably tall for me so this worked out well. Thanks for your interest and you can see more detailed pics of it in the pics section if you wanna take a peek :)
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    Dan...I took a look at your build. It is very sleek, clean, and you have picked parts that make the design flow nicely. I also noticed that nobody from the staff has given you a proper "Hello, and Welcome"...well consider it done! You look like a talented builder and we hope you will be around and contribute. Again, welcome to MBc.