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  1. Warner

    Warner Member my attempt to bring a bit more safety and comfort to my ride, I wanted to convert to a front disc brake and suspension forks, and raise the bars up to get a more upright riding position to keep my hands from getting numb during my 20 mile (each way) commute to work and back.

    In order to do that, I found that I had to convert my headset from threaded to threadless. And in the process of doing that conversion, I also had to get a new stem and new handlebars. I also ordered suspension forks with the disc brake caliper mount. I didn't get killer suspension forks as this is simply a commuter. The Dart 2 forks I got on sale for $90 which is a GREAT deal on them and they'll work perfectly for my application.

    Here are some photos of my progress so far. I did get the new headset cups pressed into the frame (made my own press with 1/2" threaded rod, some big *** washers, and tightened the nuts on each side to press the cups into the frame. The steerer tube (fork tube) on the new forks is quite long, which is fine with me because that helps with my goal of raising the bars. The guys in my machine shop at work are making a 4" aluminum spacer for me (instead of stacking a bunch of smaller spacers like the bike shops sell).

    For the front disc brake, I used the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake, Avid speed dial brake lever and Sram Pit-Stop Full Metal Jacket Disc Brake Cables. These are all pretty slick!

    Pay no attention to all the junk in my basement. or all of the handlebar controls still hanging down.....and boy does that fork and disc brake look SEXY! Hahaha! I'm diggin' it! I can't wait to get the custom machined spacer so I can start tying all the pieces back together. I have to figure out how I'm going to mount my headlight/horn assembly.....I have some ideas but haven't decided fully yet.'s the photos:


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    Im not one to complain but you did this very well. Nice bike and very well thought out. I like your thinking and others where you have frame ie....and fit your ideas to the whole picture. I on the other hand think in complete terms and how to piece the bike together from a thought of what I want. Bicycle what kind, kit, drive, motor, chain or friction, sp on the bike, suspension etc...and some times Ive goofed up. I like your way better!.........just a thought from reading your posts and analyzing what you stated.
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    Actually, I just started with a bike that turned out to be not exactly what I wanted after riding it for a while. The ride position turned out to be a bit much for my length of ride (numb hands). Who knows, maybe this new riding postion will put more undue stress on another part of my body. Hehe. But for sure the disc brake will be welcome. Rim brakes slowing down from 35+ mph is asking a lot...and creating a lot of rim heat as well. I think everything out just like you do....but then I'll make adjustments as necessary/possible. Thanks for the complement, though!