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    On Saturday, I'll be picking up my brand-new 2006 Whizzer NE5.

    I'll be loading it into my Toyota Matrix Hatchback Sedan, which doesn't have the headroom of a Minivan, an SUV, or a Pickup Truck.

    Therefore, I'll have to alter the bike's dimensions to allow it to lie as flat as possible on the cargo floor of the Matrix.

    I plan to lay it on its right side, which will require that I remove the right-hand Pedal and to loosen the Steering Head to allow the bars to be turned to the left to lower the bike's profile.

    I have a Schwinn Beach Cruiser, which is built on the same frame as the NE5. Its Steering Head takes a 6mm Allen Wrench and the Pedal takes a 15mm Open-End Wrench.

    Will these fit the NE5?

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    Hal, I don't have the standard gooseneck on my Whizzer, so I'm afraid I can't help you there. I replaced mine with a vintage Schwinn-style chrome gooseneck. Take along a selection of allen wrenches just in case they didn't standardize on one size. Two more things, if the bike is being carried on its side, make sure any fuel is drained. Also, though the oil shouldn't leak, I'd put something down underneath the bike just in case some does.
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    Hey Kilroy:

    That's good advice!

    I'll make preparations! :smile: