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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jlebh1, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. jlebh1

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    Hey anyone in brisbane want too have a meet. about when? well see how many people can come? where um there are some good places theres nudgee beach near me or could go to newfarm park near the city for conveiniance (cause its near the city) when um mabey a month from now to get things organised.

    could get some stickers?

    lunch? BBQ?

    just reply to this thread put your own ideas in for locations

    also heres a pic of my new bike

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  2. Hardcarve1

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    You can count me in, I live up near Sangate and use the Boondal bike way to get to work. I was thinking of getting a few riders together and have a rally.
    I saw two motored bikes on Sunday so their must be more of us in Brisbane.
    Your bike is a sweet ride.

  3. jlebh1

    jlebh1 Member

    thanks ive seen one guy near me with one of the sachs type ones near me and another one looked like it had a 2 stroke whipersniper engine on the side or could have been a honda 4 stroke. (wasnt very loud)
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    hey, im from the mt ommaney side of town (west), theres a massive bike way for me to get into the city, plus these bad boys can get on trains too, so theres no place too far.
  5. brisbane_boy

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    Sorry for replying to a late thread

    Hey guys good to see some brisbaneites here.
    I live in middle park. about 2min ride from mt ommany.
    Yer we should get together for a cruise.
    that bike path that leads into the city is the centenary highway bike path.
    anyone else from brissy
  6. New Member

    have u ever riden to the city from middle park?? how long u think it would take, im guessing take highway to toowong then across to coro drive bikeway?
  7. brisbane_boy

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    yer mate, iv ridden to the toowong roundabout(That took about there a bak 20-30min) . and then had to come bak because i was gettin low on fuel and didnt feel like pedaling. but now iv got a bigger fuel tank. so wen my bike is readdy ill go for another ride.
  8. Hardcarve1

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    Remember Brisbane riders that this Wednesday is ride to work.
    I have just relaced my wheel and doing some testing ready for the day
  9. CalgarysFool

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    How I wish I could join you lot -- but my parents brought me, against my will, to this Godforsaken tundra -- Canada -- from paradise, NSW, back in '68.

    Have a good meet & greet.

  10. jlebh1

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    anyone else in brissy want to meet at nudgee bea ive already this week seen 2 MB riders nearmy house id love to go for a cruse mabey you could find a way round here dunc. ive put this off for a
  11. jlebh1

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    while cause my wheel broke but ive got my new MB and am avalibal to cruse all weekend not realy in the afternoon through the week tho cause thats when my girl rests she gets riden tand from work during te week.