Broke a torx screwdriver in a recessed hex bolts. Removal?

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    Broke a torx screwdriver in a recessed hex bolt. Removal?

    So I was tinkering with the rear suspension of my new GT LTS, where I'm going to fit a monster 8.5x2.5 Fox RP shock in place of the standard 5.25x1 shock.
    When tightening it back up, I learned the meaning of "the right tool for the right job"
    I used a torx driver instead of a hex key, and it snapped inside. At this point, I don't know how to handle it. I've tried all unobtrusive methods that I know of. Melted hot glue, magnet, banging on the opposite side with a center punch and hammer.. nothing freed it. Problem is it's twisted, and that's holding it in.
    I figured i'd ask the pros for advice.

    Picture attached.

    I'm thinking I may have to drill it out, tap it with a left hand thread, screw that in, and screw the messed up bolt out. Then my only problem is finding a replacement.

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  2. tinman

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    Ok I wont laff, we all learn that lesson. If you can drill a small hole in the center you might try an easy out bolt remover. It may pop the trox piece out or at least remove the bolt.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Problem with using an ezout to just get the broken piece is it's going to turn left and keep wedging the broken piece tighter.

    Is the original hex stripped? Can't tell from the photo. I think I'd try to drill just the torx bit out first. Center punch and small drill followed by a larger drill till the broken piece collaspes without touching the hex head. Then use the tightest hex key I had.

    Just a mention, I keep a full set of both metric and standard hex keys for working on bikes, though many (most) bikes are metric. Sometimes when a hex head has become worn the next size (in metric say) won't fit but a standard key will being kinda a half size. Might work in a pinch to get it out and then replace it.
  4. MotorMac

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    broken bit

    My suggestion is to drill a small hole in the center and tap it to accept a small bolt, perhaps 1/8 inch. Screw in a small long bolt and get a good grip on it with a pair of vice grips and hit the vice grip upwards with a hammer ,it should pop out.
  5. hill climber

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    hey guys, just a thought. have you ever tried to drill tool steel? most likely not gonna work, just ruin drill bits. try a center punch on the broken piece. you may be able to un-jam the broken piece and pick it out with something sharp.
  6. Happy Valley

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    Most likely not a problem. If it were high grade tool steel it probably wouldn't have snapped.
  7. machiasmort

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    I read your post and don't understand exactly what your doing there. I did see your pic and could sympathize.

    Can you get at the threads to the bolt from behind it (other side)? If you can? Without dammaging the threads, see if you can unscrew it from behind. Don't flatten the threads tho! Use 2 small pieces of thin wood to protect the bolt from vice-grip jaws!

    Don't know what the surrounding metal is made of? Try heating and cooling. Heat will expand the metal you heat and water will cool(shrink)the metal it hits. Try a small pick to pluck it out while doing this!

    Good luck!
  8. mikem

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    Getting Unstuck

    You might try using a good center punch with a fine, sharp point that will get in "behind" one of the points and lightly tap it counter clockwise ... until it frees up. Hopefully it's not wedged in too tight. (Sorry if I've stated the obvious that you've already tried.)

    I doubt you'll be able to drill a hole in this as it's probably too hard and brittle or it wouldn't have snapped.

    You might also try heating it up first with a soldering iron ( or maybe a hair dryer) ... heat does wonders sometimes.

    Hoping for the best ...........
  9. MotorMac

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    This is interesting! please let us know how you end up getting it out!
  10. mountain80

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    Small carbide endmill will do the trick but be careful and steady.
  11. cvxdes

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    I finally removed it by drilling out the other side, the nut type thing holding it in. Thus, rendering the stock suspension system useless.

    Good thing I have plans for upgrades, otherwise I'd be pretty **** bummed right now.
  12. machiasmort

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    I'm not sure if I have one of those. If you could post a pic, I'd appreciate it!
  13. n8ygn

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    The quick way

    Take a hammer and a punch and hit the torkz bit until it shatters. It is tool steel and it will break into small pieces that can be removed easily this always works for me. GOOD tool steel will shatter before bending especially a small piece like you have wedged. This also works on set screws, although cobalt drills can drill through it sometimes. PS everyone has made simalar mistakes like this but a good mechanic has to learn quickly never make the same mistake twice. Dane
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    This is the best response to the question, it worked well for me, thanks
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  15. I would look up fastener shop near you they will probally have something