broke hand while dirtbiking

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BchCruizer, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. BchCruizer

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    Im in tenn. at my vacation house riding one of my dirt bikes in the mountains and i was coming down a muddy hill and ate it just glad i only broke my hand. Im just glad i can still ride my motorized bike! Just have to switch the throttle lever to the left side..Lesson learned dont ride with worn out tires when your going down a muddy hill! Im thinking im gonna stick to my yamaha big bear 400 for know on! Anyone wanna buy a honda cr250? im in rogersville, tenn.

  2. BchCruizer

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    So tonight i was watching tv with wife and the dog went off and i thought i heard a fourwheeler then a few minutes later i heard my 4wheeler starting i ran outside in my boxers and seen some one on my 4wheeler trying to start it and i yelled what the **** are u doing and he looked at me jumped off my fourwheeler then a 4wheeler behind my garage started and he jumped on it and took off..i ran to mine and started it (it was 20degrees out) it took a min but i tried to chase em and i only have one hand and its not my throttle the ******** got away..but im gonna ready for em the next time im gonna camp out on the trail they took to my house with my ak47 and see if we cant resolve this thievery..
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    Cops showed up said they stopped them on the way to my house! they were responsible for many breakins in my area and that they were armed..i guess im not the only one packin some heat! glad they ran i got a broken
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    an honorable sacrifice!
  5. BchCruizer

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    The night after all that happened. I broke my foot! I was at my house in tennessee trying to have a relaxing time and i just couldn't wait to get back to florida. Im all flats. I dont think im much of a mountain thats for I just couldn't seem to get good footing while i was up there..My neighbor dropping off a gallon of moonshine probally didn't help out much! Lol!
  6. Ludwig II

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    I'n surprised you could even find the mountain if you were on the moonshine.
  7. BchCruizer

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    I know. That stuff is harsh. I never drank it before and I was feeling good until I hit ground! Then it was all down hill after that! Lesson learned! Machines/Anything Motorized+Alcohol=Broken Bones
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    We older people don't heal as fast, so I stick to public roadways.