Broke My Frame!


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Jul 28, 2008
My down tube completly broke and seperated from the frame!! I was doiing about 25 mph when I noticed a wooble that told me to SHUT HER DOWN!! Low and be hold my down tube is completley seperated and not at the weld!! This is CRO-MO STEEL, if I had continued my kids would be rich,just kidding!Freaked me out!Please see pictures.:rolleyes:/Users/Rob/Desktop/Broken Frame
Sorry Here Are The Pics


Your's isn't the first frame "sawed" through by those vibrating little demons of destruction.
Sure; CRO -MO is TIG welded, but this a major failure ! Also this is a track frame designed for extreme forces. Don't know, too much vibration from the engine, the road, or too much speed??
I think Tom the admin had this happen to his green machine, It was on the seat tube rather than the down tube right under the happytime mount. Yeah, it happens enough to make me afraid to run my stingray until I get a good 4 stroke on there. I would swap out my current motor if they ever improve the happytime to the point that they don't vibrate your nuts off. But at the moment the excessive vibes just turn me off to it and it collects dust unfortunately. I'm waiting for the frame mount DAX Titan. For now go with a good quality rack mount otherwise these kind of problems are all that will await you down the road.
Yeah, The ironic thing is I have a Stanton Rack mount arriving next week and was planning on mounting it on this ride! Spoke with my locale bike reseller and now have a shiny new Norco VFR 5 ready for the Robin Engine. :)