Clutch Broke Second chain today, and a Clutch cable, New Chain Idea. Thoughts?

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    As said, broke my second 410 chain. This one a pretty nice 410 HD BMX chain. I tore one side of the link parts in half. It hit my frame so hard I think It was trying to remove my left leg. I cracked the magneto cover plate from the inside where the chain bound to the inside of the case infront of the drive sprocket.

    Alignment was good, all was good, the chain just tore. After the clutch cable broke. So I was basically birddoggin it trying to get home without stopping and stalling out!

    So I like the dimmensions of the 410. While very expensive, I think this may be the best bet.

    Any ideas?
    Wippermann BMX IG8 1/2 x1/8 Heavy Duty Chain Straight Link Plates
    The 1G8 is definitely the first choice for the toughest "killer grinds". The straight plates make it the strongest BMX chain on the market.

    •fully nickel-plated
    •straight plates to withstand extreme loads
    •breaking load: at least 1.5t - 1/2" x 1/8"
    •pin length: 12.4 mm
    •weight: 659 g/96 links
    •96 links incl. spring clip
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    That sounds like a tough chain alright!
    I use a Tsubaki 415HSL standard non o-ring motorcycle chain. good for 8hp or so.
    Good luck breaking it with 2 hp.

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    I ordered a Wippermann ConneX 1R8 1/2 x 1/8 Nickel Heavy Duty Chain instead due to weight and number of links. I think this is going to be a winner.
    I am running a grubbee 66cc and I need tough but I don't want the additional rotational mass that a 415 brings. But I do have 36 tooth sprocket that is much fatter than the Grubee rear sprocket. If I break this one I am going ag #41 and moving to the 36T.

    I will report back. The clutch cable issue is also on my mind. I hate the angle the cable must take past the engine thought the guide thingy.

    Wippermann 1/2" x 1/8"
    -Nickel-plated with straight side plates, includes spring clip connector
    -Super-Duty has heavy-duty straight link plates
    -ConneX link included with each chain, no tools required
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    any 410's are are horrible chains, you probably got your kit from kingsmotorbikes, all there stuff is cheap for a reason, i just found out the hardway. boygofast on ebay sells the heavy duty 415. my other bike that came with the 415 from boygofast has never had a chain issue. but i ordered a second motor from 'kings' because it was cheaper and it came with the 410 bicycle chain that broke and broke the small sprocket during the very first start up. now i'm waiting on my 415 from boygofast. now i've spent more money than i would of by going to boygofast in the first place. ANNOYING. 410's suck 410's suck 410's suck. 415 415 415 415 415 all the way. but not 415h(usually doesn't fit)
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    wow, i will only run a 415 chains on my bikes. I have never had one break.
    I just think that a standard 410 bmx chain is too weak to handle the torque