Wheels Broken 10 gauge spokes broken

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by jg767, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. jg767

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    Yesterday I broke 2 spokes on my 36 spoke rear wheel. I think it happened wheen I hit a road repair that was about 2 inches below the road surface. I was going over 30mph and hit it really hard. They both broke at the elbows. Anyone else break any 10g spokes? I have a Staton chain drive and I weigh 235lbs. so there's alot of weight on that rear wheel. Usually I lift my weight off the rear if I hit any rough spots. I'm still surprised they broke, I have roughly 2000 miles on them,

  2. HoughMade

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    Wow- weird you get these 10ga wheels?
  3. jg767

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    I got the spokes from Buchanan's Spoke and Rim, and I laced them to a Rhyno Lite rim with a Staton hub. I thought they would be bulletproof, and in all fairnes I was still able to ride the bike a hundred miles with onlya moderate wobble.
  4. Mountainman

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    is Rhyno Lite like Bud Light ??

    maybe a heavy duty rim would have been a better match for the spokes ??

  5. jg767

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    The rhyno lite is a pretty heavy duty rim, it.s fine, just the spokes were damaged. I drilled the eyelets out and there are no issues with spokes tearing out of the rim. I read sfound that to be the aseomewhere some one stated that the rim wouldn't hold up to 10 g spokes but I haven't found that to be the case. What rim would you consider a heavy duty rim?
  6. Mountainman

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    been a while

    been a while since I built a wheel

    the WheelMaster here on site is said to have some heavy duty

    hitting the pothole like you did at speed
    maybe it was to be expected ??

    as much as we try to keep on the look out
    it's hard to miss them all !!

    have fun as you ride that MB thing
  7. jg767

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    That pothole took the full weight of me and the engine and tranny as well as my toolbag, I have a susp. seatpost that I haven't installed yet, it might soften the force on that poor back whe, BTW, rhino lite is less filling than bud lite, LOL...
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    I like the older "Dice" rims.....wide/dual-walled/heavy duty.They get bad reviews cos their too heavy but that's not a real problem with us.
    Sun Rhyno Lite is also an excellent rim.
    I'm assuming u drilled the hub to fit the 10G spokes?....is that all u did cos i think TheWheelmaster does more;what more i don't know?
  9. loquin

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    Sun Mammoth BFR is heavy duty. It's a somewhat stronger version of the rhyno lite rim.

    The Wheelmaster often drills the rims to accept the 10 gage spokes. He drilled out the eyelets on my Mammoth rim.
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  10. jg767

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    Yes, I drilled out the the rim and the hub, no problems with either. I agree, the Rhyno Lite is a strong double walled aluminum rim, they've given me 19 thousand miles, I bent my first one when I hit a huge pothole last year with 48 14 gauge spokes.Like Mountain Man said, damage is to be expected when you hit major potholes at full speed.

    Fetor56, are those "Dice" rims steel?
  11. jg767

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    Yesterday I replaced the spokes, there were 4 broken. Lucky I had 4 spare spokes. I ordered a dozen more from Buchanan's just in case! The wheel is now as good as new, nice and smooth.
  12. Mountainman

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    just a question

    where are those spokes made ??

  13. hawaiioutdoors

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    Excel dirt bike rim laced to bicycle hub

    The 21x1.6 Excel dirt bike rim is the same size as a 26" bicycle rim.
    The 19x1.4 dirt bike rim is the same size as a 24" bicycle rim.

    Both are built to take a pounding, high flying and hard landings.

    When you lace them with 10 gauge stainless spokes to a high quality hub like a Chris King... You can use dirt bike or moped tires....
    Dirt bike tires are heavy...but indistructable
    Moped tires are lighter but are limited to arould 35 mph.

    I had Wheelmaster build me one for an experiment
    A 21x1.6 laced to a ...It has held up... I think he used 9 guage spokes, I think 10 guage should have been used... THe holes in the rim were too large for the nipples he had...so he went with the spokes that had a larger diameter nipple....Its still on my yeti dh-9... but do the tire width, is incompatable with the GEBE Tanaka 40cc....
    Wish I had a Morini :whistling:

    Be sure that your forks can take the wider tire... My 21. 1.6 has a 3" tire... it rubs slightly on the inner rear fork.. I should have used a 2.5 tire.
  14. V 35

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    I'm running Worksman wheels, they come with 10 ga. spokes, so far, so good