Clutch Broken Clutch?

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    Hello, first off I would like to say I'm very new to the forums so sorry if this is placed in the wrong section, also I've looked at other threads and non seem to be helping.

    I've had my motorbike for a little bit of time now, about 5 months, anyway I broke the original chain tensioner so I purchased a new one, after that was installed my clutch cable broke (The part where it hooks into the lever). I ordered a new clutch cable and installed it but it seems now my clutch is fully engaged. It free spins even though the clutch is in the correct position and tightened correctly. I've looked into the rod and ball that's in the clutch and those are fine compared to others specifications but the other side I've noticed a nut that has some metal shaved off, I'm not sure what it is called I believe it's the flower nut but not fully sure. It looks like it would stop the freewheel which sounds like it would enable the clutch to work again but I'm not fully sure. Thank you for reading :)

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    first do a proper cable adjust, then a proper flower nut adjust - then check back with more info if that fails - don;t panic, clutches are simple