broken down motor please read and help..

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by thine82, Apr 15, 2010.

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    :shout:i tried three plugs outside the motor and they all have spark.. then when i put them in and try to start it... they just fowl out... i did happen to put to much oil in the gas and rode it.. it was really boggish.. then got really hot... and then did not want to start.. so i drained all the gas out.. cleaned the carb.. and put it all back together with fresh gas.. need to try a brand new plug i guess... but maybe a cdi or magneto is bad??? why would it get spark outside the chamber and then not spark inside it?
    all i did the night before was ... gaped the plug bigger.. then changed the carb needle setting..the c cilp.. and then added more gas and oil.. i think i might off added the mixture to be like 35 or 50 to 1 by accident..
    well the bike ran boggish for about eleven miles . then i tried to turn it on again and it just would not start.. so yeah i drained the carb and cleaned it with an air compressor .. then set the c clip back to where it was running good at.. then filled it with new gas that is about 18 to 1 and the plug gets spark outside the motor.. tried three plugs.. none new.. but they all got spark out the motor then....
    it fowled everytime i tried to start it.. i need help please because this is my daily transportation..

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    If you have spark, air, fuel, and compression, in reasonable amounts, it has to run. You need to figure out which is incorrect in your situation. You say that each plug fouls, so I assume that it starts for some time. Please describe that a little more for me.
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    Get yourself a can of starting fluid and give it a shot in the carb and try to start it.
    If it fires, you have a fuel issue, not a spark issue.
    it could be that the crank case is saturated with the "too much oil in the gas" mixture and the excess oil is fouling the plug.
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    That's a good suggestion. Also, it could take a bit of time to run any overly rich fuel out of the carb. Perseverance, you'll get it solved.
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    but he said that hge already drained the gas from the tank and the carb. and cleaned the carb out.
    Another thing came to mind is that you could have bent your needle & seat arm, which adjusts the float height when you were cleaning out the carb. did you take the float bowl off the carb.? If it is set wrong, the carb could be flooding over and dumping too much raw fuel into the cylinder which would foul out your plug. pull the spark plug out of the cylinder. rotate the motor over a bunch of times with the plug out...this will blow any excess gas/oil out through the spark plug hole and the exhaust. put the spark plug back in and have the gas petcock turned off, and try to start the engine a few times. if there is sufficient fuel in the carb, it should fire and eventually run out of gas & die. turn the gas petcock back on and try it again...if it does the same thing (won't start and fouls the plug) then you're carb is flooding over (the float is stuck or mis-adjusted)
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    well i got it running again.. not great power but i think that is due to my air/idle screw..

    but when i ran it with no exhaust pipe and no carb.. i had the plug in and it was firing still and smoke coming out of the exhaust port.

    i had to heat the plug up on the electric stove to get it oil free..

    i also put a lighter next to that port before i did that compressed air thing and got a nice backfire flame out of it when i pushed the bike and while the piston was moving..

    then i blew compressed air into the intake port with the carb off and the piston was all the way up.. so i could get the air into the lower part of the motor.

    i re adjusted the carb.

    while i was looking at the bike motor moving with no carb on it is when i seen that there was alot of liquid moving on the piston..

    but when i put the plug back in after all of that .. it started...and my carb choke lever nut was loose.. so i tightened that back up..

    WhAT DO YOU guys think made it not run? this could be a problem why we all think some motors are dead.. when nothing else is found to be wrong.
  7. motorpsycho

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    first of all, a motor will not run without a carb on it. you must have just taken off the air cleaner housing.
    the "liquid" you saw on top of the piston was more than likely gas and oil. gas will eveaprate over time, but the oil won't.

    I still say that you had your fuel/oil mixture way too rich (too much oil) and I also think that your carb was flooding over. both of these trhings will foul out a spark plug in no time.
    i think the reason why it runs now is because you got all of that excess fuel/oil out of the cylinder.
    as far as it not having much power...once a spark plug is fouled, you need to replace it.
    it will never fire the same again.