broken engine mounts.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by coyote888, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. coyote888

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    I was riding along like normal and my engine mounts snapped off in the front at the engine /: looks like it's time for a new motor.

  2. RumblingV8

    RumblingV8 Member

    Did you Loctite the studs? You could try using an extractor like an EZ-out or SpeedOut.
  3. crassius

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    there are several ways to fix front mounts - search around & there should be some pics of different fixes

    note: engine should sit down pretty tight in frame before the mounts are even tightened, if it doesn't sit down all the way onto frame at both ends, no amount of tightening will stretch the case or bend in the frame to meet it
  4. battery

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    I used large channel locks to squish the frame a little to get my motor to sit tight. I went through hell trying to get my snapped bolts off an engine. Ended up just drilling and tapping next to the snapped bolts. Lesson learned, keep a spare running engine around. I've put days work into a $90 engine while losing paying work.
  5. coyote888

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    Yeah I need up taping new holes. Had to drill our the studs (which almost went bad because the drill wanted to bit into the softer aluminum, not the steel stud. But then I came across another issue. When the mount broke and the engine swung out it snapped a link in my chain *sigh* at least it's a cheaper fix XD are there any local stores that sells this drive chain? I know home depot doesnt. Maybe Menards or tractor supply?