Broken Gas Cap

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  1. Molotov256

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    The gas cap on one of my generic brand chinese engine kits broke - the little tabs fell inside the cap and don't protrude anymore, so the cap doesn't snug down like it needs to.

    Any suggestions as to where to find a replacement?

  2. skjjoe

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    thatsdax has them
  3. azbill

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    perhaps it would be better to check one of our sponsors...
    that's them on the left side of the page !!! :cool2:
  4. Molotov256

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    Good call on the sponsors... I found one from Shipping seems like a rip and a half, though... $9.00 to ship a gas cap?! :ack2:
  5. Assisted Bikes

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    I have had many caps rattle and can't get them to stop? anyone tried to fix with rubber gasket or anything? is there an easy fix?
  6. Pablo

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    We don't sell caps, but our gaskets fix that.

    Cap gaskets
  7. fetor56

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    Assisted Bikes.
    You can make a rubber gasket yourself,but unless it's fuel resistant it's going to soften & warp & eventually won't seal.
    If it was cost-effective i would buy Pablo's.
    With my caps i drill a small pilot breather hole in the top of the cap,but if u buy from SBP's ask their advice cos they don't say anything about a pilot hole in their instructions.
  8. I used a filler neck and cap off an old yardman riding mower,cut the neck off the plastic tank,put some oil and gas resistant glue on tank neck and slowlly screwed it down on the tank filler neck...worked perfect and no more leaks...Phat
    also it's already vented;see my FrankenraTT post for a pic
  9. Assisted Bikes

    Assisted Bikes New Member

    Thanks a bunch guys. I'm going to get one from Pablo and then make my own.
  10. $9 is nothing,i payed $23 for shipping from gasbike for a carb and intake=total price$38
    $12 new style carb,$3 intake,$23 fedex shipping,but i get my stuff in 4-5 days.
    everyone else wanted $20 - $30 for the carb plus $10 shipping or they didnt take a credit card or they wanted paypal.
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