broken high voltage cap

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  1. i just broke the high voltage cap that my spark plug tip gos into, it was made of plastic. does anyone know how i can easly and cheaply put a new one on without replacing the whole unit ? I have a 66cc 2 stroke china setup.

  2. motorpsycho

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    yes, if you are talking about the spark plug boot.
    the spark plug wire unscrews from the cdi box. just twist the wire to the left like you are unscrewing a screw and it will come off.
    then, get yourself a peice of automotive, motorcycle or lawnmower spark plug wire with a rubber boot on the end, and just screw it back into the cdi box. automotive spark plug wire works best because it is a much better quality wire inside.
    the spark plug wires and boots that come with these engine kits are not very good to begin with, so replacing it with a better quality one is easy to do and fiarly cheap.
  3. blue 48

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    mine broke the other day on the way to work:veryangry: and i happened to be carrying a pair of pliers and pinched one off a lawn mower that was in a road side rubbish heap and it works fine.:grin5:
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    That there is some quality Luck!
    Have you played the lottery?

    :) :)

    if you replace with auto/lawnmower wire you will need the nipple that screws onto the Spark Plug, The threaded connector will not Hold in these style plugs

    Easy solution....... When you buy your new sparkplug dont remove the nipple :)

    If in a real pinch just Twist the wire onto the threaded post thats on the spark plug, This should get you home :)

    Best of luck!
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    The stock porcelain boots are chinsey, they're definitely in need of upgrading.

    I've done that one before, just unscrewing the boot and screwing it onto the sparkplug. If you keep zipties on your bike, you can ziptie it there to be sure it doesn't get bumped off.
  6. TucsonDIrect

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    If you really need a sparkplug wire, and cant afford one, I will send one to you i just changed the wires on my V8 so i have 18 usable ends :)

    Eta Blue48 why in the world didnt you grab that mower!!! that there is a good engine!

    Most engines are tossed out because their owner didnt take care of them and the carb gets gunked up..... We Mbrs know our way around a carb
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    you got that right, Mine Says "Great Master" and some numbers that mean nothing! Took it into ACE and they were amazed and for sure stumped
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    TucsonDirect i did in the end and its a killer engine (the 160 cc) its going in a gocart
  9. TucsonDIrect

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    Not without that fuel tap :)
  10. motorpsycho

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    the stock boots are not porcelain...they are plastic.
  11. motorpsycho

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    18 useable ends?
    Last time i checked, a v-8 only has 8 spark plugs, and only 8 boots that will go onto the spark plugs. the boots that go onto the distributor will not go onto a spark plug, and even if you count those ends....that's only 16 total. if you are including the coil wire...neither one of those ends will go onto a spark plug either.
    so in reality you have 8 useable ends that will snap onto a spark plug.
  12. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member caught that one too.:confused:
  13. blue 48

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    good point tucson direct but ill use a different tank not for a while yet other commitments ATM :(
  14. TucsonDIrect

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    Hummmmmm...... Nope mine fit fine dont know what car u have but I have a jeep and all connectors are the same :)

    I tried them 2 double check
  15. jototojo

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    Spark plug problem

    Hello again guys!
    So today i was ridding my bike when i see that the spark plug is loose, so i go back home, i wait till it gets cold and i saw that the spark plug was kinda old so i bought a new one, and when i try to put the new one to the cable i see that the spark plug doesnt keep on the cable, Know what i mean??? Like where you put the spark plug on the cable broke, so what can i do???
  16. Al.Fisherman

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    The OEM plug is JUNK (lacking for a better word). The top is threaded. A new plug will have the cap on the top. Change out the wire and boot (this needs to be done to start with) a ole lawn mower boot and wire will work. The wire is held in the CDI by a screw...just screw it out, reverse for instillation.
  17. jototojo

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    Ok, ill see later what can i do.
  18. gd925

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    Spark Plug Problem

    Alright so my most recent and annoying problem lately is whilst running WOT my spark plug boot will make a pop noise and pop right off the plug and bring me to a sad slow sputtering halt =/

    It's happened with two different spark plugs the stock and my new NGK, perhaps gapped incorrectly? Both are gapped at .7 mm I believe.

    I've also changed from my stock boot to some spare pitbike boot I had, it's happened with both of them aswell.

    Any ideas as to what my problem might be?

    Thanks, Gil
  19. Al.Fisherman

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    First of all it has nothing to do with the plug gap,the gap could be zero or .150. It all has to do with the plug itself and the boot. I recommend ...get a "wire" high voltage lead and I love this type of connection, and use your NGK plug.


    This will solve your problem.
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  20. gd925

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    Thanks much haha I'll keep using my NGK, one question though.
    Where might one acquire one of these lovely connections?