Broken in - "literally"

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    I've been riding my motorized Del Mar for almost a month now. It has been a blast. At 200 miles on it and has been running pretty well. I have been working on getting rid of all the rattles and yesterday things just got worse. Yesterday on a long ride I opened her up and was cruising over 30 (I'm usually under 25). Hit that power band and the vibrations were pretty intense. First my front fender bracket busted (and this was the one I replaced with a thicker metal one). I took the fender off and continued to ride. Soon I noticed the rear vender making a some noise. Its bracket also busted (original bracket). Later in the day on a separate ride I noticed the chain gaurd was making some noise. I thought it was just loose but the bracket at the engine also busted. Well... no rattles now. Just need to find a better chain gaurd. Going without fenders for now as I don't ride in the rain.

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    Way back when, some mechanic recommended finger-nail polish on every thread, same concept as locktite.

    I been doing it ever since, and I'll verify that it really seems to work !
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    True, finger-nail polish works just as good as locktite. I use both. My problem was not with nuts coming loose. My brackets completely broke off.