Broken motor mount studs



I came home from a ride and found the rear motor mount studs completely gone. The clamp was also gone too, obviously, and I am guessing it snapped in half. How did the two threaded studs come out? Is there any hope of using this motor again?

are you saying there are two holes where the studs used to be? or, are the two studs snapped off flush?

sorry it's under such circumstances, but welcome, cedric :)
that's correct. there are two holes where the studs used to be. there seems to be some blackish oil leaking out of them too.

thanks for the welcome!
yes, the threads seem to be completely intact

what is going on? *scratches head*
that's strange, for sure...from your replies, it seems all you should have to do is replace the studs...maybe you know someone local who could have a look at the threads?

why it happened? dunno, not enuff pics?
sorry, i can't get pics at the moment.

are the study basically sections of threaded rod? can i go to the home depot, get some threaded rod that fits, and cut it to size?
basically, yes, but use the appropriate material: i'd suggest going to an auto-parts jobber or small engine repair shop.
would the appropriate material be steel? i'm assuming home depot sells aluminum rod.

would it be possible just to sink the right size (or *very slightly* larger bolts through the bracket right into the mounts?

thanks alot for all your help!
no, don't force anything, that's not the most quality of cast alloy & it will crack...match the threads correctly, go to dax's site in the "parts" section to see what you need. i do believe peeps have used bolts...anyone else care to jump in here?