broken motor mount studs

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bgnlb, Sep 4, 2014.

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    A friend of mine had the front studs snap off local bike suggested cutting slots in them and backing them out with a flat head screwdriver, it worked! He's now managed to break the rear ones off. The above method didn't work, I suggested he try using an easy out,if that doesn't work drill and tap would be the next step right? I tried looking thru past posts but couldn't find anything. I'm sure someone's got something on this!

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    drill and tap to next size (M8 is common, M7 is not! M8 preferred.) but can raise clearance issues with the frame, as it is already a tight squeeze with M6.

    helicoil kits are cheap on fleabay. drill out what stud you can and then use the specified drill in the helicoil kit. then pays to use the rest of the inserts on every other thread, like the exhaust studs etc.

    dont be a wally and start using UNC type threads, because theres nothing worse than mixed up thread sizes. using two different hex sizes on the same engine is bad enough!