Broken Mount



I purchased a mount from ebay which drilled into the frame. No problem there. I have only ridden 5 miles at most and so far the front egine mount on the engine (near the exhaust) has come loose and the screw is missing which went into the engine to hold it on. What size screw is this and where can I get one. Also, has anyone else had this problem of the engine mount coming loose? Now my chain is hanging loose, should I pull the backwheel to make it tight after I reafix the engine?
i would take the other bolt in the motor mount off and go to a hardware store to find the same size bolt
also move back the wheel to tighten up the chain if there is still a lot of slack cut the chain shorter
the stud size that you need is 6mm. i've found that ACE is THE place to get all of your hardware. they have everything in their little hardware bins. be sure to put some loc-tite on them when you install them.

as for the chain- try to put in a half link (also available from ACE) this is what i used and i don't need to use the chain tensioner.
Hold up. Get your chain/engine geometry into alignment, and affix the engine with permanance. Slop Kills. BMX style tensioners allow for exact adjustment of the wheel alignment. Use a half link on the pedal side to compensate. If this is on a Stingray a smaller than standard sprocket can allow the bottom chain to go above the frame eliminating the tensioner pulley but some bodging on the brakes will be necessary.
Also the slots on some of the motor mounts are extremely wide and allow the engine to wander around. Bolt the engine down where you want it with
steel washers covering the slots. The washers should fit snug against the studs, then weld the washers to the motor mount. Also Allen head bolts are stronger,machined with closer tolerances,and if used with red loctite and same sized lock washers do not vibrate loose.
I'd like to put in my little suggestion, encountering similar problem, drilling and putting front engine mount through the frame, which first weakens it but universal front mount from Sick Bike parts fixed the problem, only they give you a choice of certain size, in
my case, tube was slightly bigger, in Auto zone I bought the right size " U " bolt meant for the car exhaust, for odd couple of dollars and filed open the supplied brackets and motor is fixed permanently.