Broken Rear Axle

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    A few months ago the rear axle broke in my Staton Inc hub. It broke where the snap ring groove is. So I had David redesign me a new axle. The new axle no longer has snap ring grooves. Instead it now uses sleeves to hold the sealed bearings in place.
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    I'm now running a 7 speed 34-13 rear freewheel. The 18.75 reduction gear box has 17t gear on it which runs to a 44t gear on the shiftkit. This drives a 34t chainring which drives the rear freewheel. Reduction range is 48.53-18.56. The new axle and gear setup has been working great. All gears are shifting up and down automatically very smoothly.

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    Ask him what it was made of. Axles typically use 4140 steel which is slightly stronger than the 4130 steel used in frames. There is a company which makes screws out of Aremet 100 which has a tensile strength of 300000 psi rather than the 120000 psi of 4130 with comparable enlongation. There is a market for custom axles if wants to make them.
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    The Staton-Inc Axle is CNC machined out of 41L42 CRS and zinc plated. In defense of what is standardly sold with the Staton hub, I was told I'm the first to have reported breaking one in the company's 32 year history. I rode on it for two years before it broke. In my case I'm 250 lbs and live in the mountains of Tennessee. We have up to 30% grade hills here. Also with any real hard material score lines weaken it at that point. Glass cutters actually do controlled breaks using score lines. I believe this is more of the reason it broke. David already does custom machining all you have to do is let him know what it is you want.
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