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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Bushman, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Bushman

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    I am installing a rag joint to a coaster brake rear wheel. As soon as I get the nine bolts somewhat tight and spin the wheel I hear a pop. The first time it happened I brought it to a bike shop and they said they replaced a spoke and trued the rim. The second time around the same thing happened. What is going on? Do I need heavier spokes or am I doing something wrong? The first time I installed the sprocket I used both spacers, one on the inside and one on the outside. The second time I only used one on the inside. Any suggestions?

  2. Stan4d

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    What gauge spokes do you have?
    I recommend spacers on both sides of the spokes, you do not want metal to metal in that area.
    Also when tightening the bolts are you using a star pattern or criss cross? Or are you tightening them one after another?
  3. Bushman

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    I was tightening them in a circular pattern. Which pattern would you recommend? My spokes are 2.0 X 262. I don't know what gauge that would be.
  4. Stan4d

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    Try a star pattern, this tightens them all equally and reduces the chance of over tightening, finger tight first, then snug them. You will probably tighten each bolt at least twice after finger tight. Slow and easy will produce good results. Not sure on that gauge either, I will try to find out.
  5. GearNut

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    Spokes should be at least 11 gauge. 10 gauge should be near bullet proof.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Not many members here use 11g.

    I would presume that 12g spokes would suffice.:detective:

    Spookytooth built a rear wheel w/12g for my cruiser bike. It was originally with ragjoint for a Happy Time, but ended up with 2.2hp friction drive.

    Never had a broken or loose spoke.