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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Talbotti, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Talbotti

    Talbotti New Member

    One of the front mounting studs is snapped, looks like this SDC14554.jpg
    :shout: I have tecnoweld rods so i can fill the hole and re tap it but how to get remainings of that stud out.

  2. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    butchered ;)

    just hack it out with a hacksaw... technoweld it all up :)
  3. k-wad

    k-wad Member

    You will need a tool called an "EZ Out".
    They are specifically made to remove broken bolts/studs.

    I would also look into why the stud snapped.
    That doesn't look like a clean break caused by engine vibration or over-tightening.
  4. Nickledyme

    Nickledyme Member

    Unless you're like me. I snapped one of my mounting studs on my first motor a couple months ago. I learned that a grade 12 stud and loctite wasn't such a good idea. It can't be removed or drilled far as I was told. I'm a butcher n not so much of a mechanic so am just going by what my mechanic told me. Why mine snapped is somewhere between subzero temps,potholes,and alignment issues I was having.
  5. Talbotti

    Talbotti New Member

    I got the stud out with ezout, it looks like that because i was lazy and had a shift kit so didnt want to pull that motor of for drilling.
    Snapped it because i used the china junk studs and used too much torque, Got the threads fixed so now i can install it to my bike.
  6. k-wad

    k-wad Member

    Alignment issues makes sense, as it looks like the stud was being pulled to the side.

    A grade 12 bolt and loctite? Oh man! That's not going to be fun!!

    Personally, what I would do is drill holes on either side of the broken off stud and tap them for new studs (ending up with one stud on one side and two on the other).
  7. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    One of the first things I did when I got my was engine was pull out the stock studs and tap it for quarter inch studs. The stock studs are about the cheapest grade of rod available.

    At the time I only did it because I needed longer studs and only had quarter inch threaded rod handy, but after pulling the stock studs and seeing how junky they were I was glad I did it.
  8. Nickledyme

    Nickledyme Member

    I'm still using grade 12 but no more loctite for this guy. Haven't had a single issue this time around. I wish I had the skill and know how to redrill my old engine cuz it still worked. That adventure I will save for another time tho lol