bronze bushing



hello i have tryed to find 1 but with no luck.whent from amsoil to motomaster formula 1 and it took out the bushing,been looking for a week now but no one answers e-mail,s anymore,not king,s not dax,not any sellers on ebay.this is my main form of transport and need 1 NOW.any help will be thankfull.
bearing supply

I don't know what bushing you refer to but a local bearing supply house should offer some possibilities. If you can press the bushing out or just take the whole assembly there maybe they can put a caliper or micrometer on it and match it with something in stock. Often they can refer you to someone that could produce one locally.
Whistler (or whisler) bearing in Colorado Springs has 'em. that's where I got mine but I no longer live there.
just emailed them,didnt have the spec,s since mine shattered and took the cilinder with it{nice deep groves in it now}not to mention the almost welded ring,,s the bushing that connects the piston to the connecting rod.
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ok i found one,just to help others i got it from kingsmotorbikes with it installed in the rod{only way they would sell it}$22 shipped althouge i dont need the connecting rod.if you want one your going to have to phone them it,s not listed in thier parts section.
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